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 Your personal roadmap to a more 

 intentional life of GRATITUDE 

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Our Gratitude Journal is not just a journal—it's your personal roadmap to a more intentional and fulfilling life of GRATITUDE.


This powerful tool goes beyond traditional gratitude practices- It offers you a comprehensive, pragmatic approach to achieving amplified gratitude while enhancing your overall well-being and outlook on life. After all, perspective is everything.


Invest just 5 minutes a day in this journal and witness its transformative impact on your daily routine. It will become your daily ritual to discover life’s little blessings, provide direction to your days, and allow you to celebrate your progress of being in a perpetual state of gratitude. 

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Elevate your joy and nurture your degree of thankfulness with our unique Gratitude Journal. Crafted for positive manifestation and enhanced appreciation of the little and big things in life, it encourages positive daily rituals that cultivate a profound sense of gratefulness.


With dedicated sections for weekly and monthly planning, goal tracking, and reflections, this journal spans six months of daily reflections, offering daily expressions of gratitude, inspirational quotes, affirmations, and moments of self-reflection.




Sipping PositiviTEA™ also creates other products and services for positive women and men whose desire is to elevate their level of positivity and good vibes.

We recognize that being positive requires action, and it is with that singular thought in mind that our team is consistently thinking of and working to bring forth the things that will evoke peace, love, kindness, positivity, and overall wellness.

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