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Jacque Colbert


Known to many as ‘The Transformationist,’ Dr. Colbert embodies the tenacity to overcome adversity transforming people & places through perseverance, agility, determination, & PositiviTEA

Blessed to have lived and worked across the globe, Jacque represents a positive, down-to-earth, can-do attitude, constantly working to motivate, enrich, and empower client groups and individuals to be all that they can be.


Andrea Barboza


From a graphic design and architectural background, Andrea embodies versatility in her role.

Andrea provides unwavering support to all Board Members and oversees every aspect of seamless non-profit operations.


Her collaboration spans fundraising campaigns, event coordination, and more, ensuring impactful execution.

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Nykeki Broussard


With 20+ years in leadership, coaching, and consulting, Nykeki specializes in optimizing corporate performance.

Nykeki specializes in enhancing corporate performance through talent management, leadership development, and strategy.

She excels in driving enterprise-level initiatives in talent and culture, executive coaching, diversity, and leadership development.


LaToya Hurley


As a Professional Storyteller,  Brand Strategist, and Founder of Innovating Marketing Group.

LaToya helps brands tell their story through media narratives, event activations, and memorable marketing strategies.


Her experience in corporate America inspired her to want to help small business owners scale into Fortune 500 companies, creating opportunities for them both personally and professionally.

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Lora Flournoy


As our Director and Secretary, Lora embodies a "Can-Do" attitude that resonates with individuals facing life's toughest battles.

With a military background, experience as a National Sales Director in a multi-level marketing company, and training in data analysis, Lora brings a unique blend of skills and a talent for simplifying complex situations to her role.

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Marlon K. Scott


As a Wealth Advisor, Marlon specializes in tailoring financial plans for working women, drawing on nearly two decades in the financial industry.

As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® from the University of North Texas, Marlon offers expert guidance for retirement planning. Skilled in asking purposeful questions and providing proactive advice, he prioritizes personalized, goal-oriented solutions for his clients. 

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